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   All Security Tips.
1:- Keep your system up to date with security patches
2:- Use anti-virus software and keep it updated
3:- Use a firewall to protect your system
4:- Avoid accessing the our web service (Hermesonline) on PCs, which you don't fully trust
5:- Use a password on your computer to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your information
6:- Disable the "auto complete" function within your browser, this will prevent others from seeing your personal information on your internet explorer
7:- You should disable your computers "file and printer sharing" capabilities to help prevent unauthorized access
8:- Make sure that your browser complies with international security standards, such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
9:- Don't reply to any e-mail that requests your personal information
10:- Be suspicious of any e-mail from a business or person that asks for your password, transaction password or other highly sensitive information.
11:- Open e-mails only when you know the sender.
12:- Be especially careful about opening an e-mail with an attachment. Even a friend may accidentally send an e-mail with a virus.
13:- Be careful before clicking on a link contained in an email or other message. The link may not be trustworthy.
14:- Be alert for scam e-mails. These are designed to trick you into downloading a virus.
15:- Sign out every time you complete your hermesonline session.
16:- Don't trust links that have been exchanged through forums, chat rooms or search engines.
17:- Use strong login passwords and transaction password for your internet account.
18:- Choose passwords that are difficult for others to guess, and use a different password for each of your accounts.
19:- Use combination of both numbers and letters (lowercase and uppercase).
20:- Keep your PC secure. Use up-to-date anti-virus software, security patches and a personal firewall.
21:- Check your periodical statements. If you notice anything irregular, contact us immediately 8001234568 or
22:- Change your password after you access using shared PCs.
23:- Keep your password a secret and don't disclose it to anyone.

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